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Odessey International is in the business of moving freight. Our services include arranging export/import of goods to and from the United States by utilizing The services of air, ocean, and various inland carriers. the freight business in the area of exports is one of the fastest growing business sectors of the economy because there is a demand for goods made in the United States in overseas markets. 

Moving products smoothly, efficiently and quickly is the challenge faced every day by logistics services providers. Odessey meets this challenge with a comprehensive menu of global transportation, logistics, material handling and distribution services for heavy freight shipping. Supported by information services, resources, and technology tools Odessey principal services includes:



Experience has taught us that the first step to securing business is being capable of responding to request for quotes in a timely manner. Our goal is to respond with in hour depending on the type of service required by the customer.

Our staff consist of a number of seasoned veterans who are Img11.jpgcapable of assisting you in
navigating through the myriad of the complexities when dealing with letter of credit
shipments. As anyone who has dealt with a letter of credit knows, these transactions
are extremely difficult and time consuming. Any minor error can cause delay in the receipt of
payment. We can assist from the inceptionof the shipment to the final presentation of
documents to the bank for payment.  The bottom line-- WE GET YOU PAID AND GET YOU


Whether it's a 25 carat diamond or a 25 ton turbine generator, we will handle your
international shipment with extreme care. We promise to get your goods from origin to
destination expeditiously, professionally, and cost effectively. Over the last 10 years, our 
cargo staff has developed and solidified relationships with all major steamship lines
in the world today. We offer several levels of service from simple pier to pier service
to complex door to door shipments. If you desire, we will actually pick up your goods at 
your factory, plant, or home and deliver them to ANY destination worlwide. We can handle Img24.png
customs formalities both at origin and destinaton. Our door to door service is unequalled
in the industry and we will be happy to provide this service at your request.  

We can provide overseas agents and or customs brokers that can assist in clearance of shipment at an overseas port of destination.

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